Dino World Quad Bike Race - Jurassic Adventure

Dino World Quad Bike Race – Jurassic Adventure

Join the real dino world with your crazy quad bike race in as Jurassic adventure rider. This fast racing game in the world of dinosaurs with your ATV quad bike will surely make you happy. This quad bike racing game you will feel the thrill of riding bike among the dinosaur beast among the Offroad Mountains. With dino world bike racing you need to be a perfect dino bike rider in the huge Jurassic land in this dirt bike and ATV games. In this bike racer game 3D there are multiple quad bike racers and you have to race with them with this modern motor bike racing game. Start your moto quad and drive around the offroad hilly area in Dino World Quad Bike Race – Jurassic Adventure. Play for the thrill atv bike riding and dino bike racing and show your atv dirt driving skills.

Drive fast your atv motorcycle because there is no traffic rush in this dino bike game. Amazing offroad bike race is more difficult to play especially between the T-rex and dinosaurs. Become a dino world bike rider with your ultimate quad motorcycle. Be an extreme racer with your quad bike and prove that you are the most fast, intense and competitive off road rider. While dodging dinosaur on a high speeds, cross all highlighted check points! earn points and you can unlock other better and faster racing atv bikes. Dinosaurs are walking in the Jurassic territory and you need to drive your sports bike through curvy offroad paths around the jungle. This Fast motorcycle ride is a very simple addictive game with bike racing in dino world. Bike racing of superheroes in dino world is perfect game for the lovers of dino bike racing adventure.

Features in Dino Adventure Bike Racing:

• Multiple ATV quad bikes to unlock for offroad Jurassic ride.
• Dangerous offroad uphill environment with realistic dinosaur sounds.
• Adventurous riding, fabulous brake and accelerator system.
• Jurassic bike racing & T-Rex Tyrannosaurs rex animations.
• Multiple challenging missions on offroad tracks.

Play and enjoy this amazing ATV Quad bike racing game in the dinosaur world adventure with Jurassic bike riding. Bicycle racing dino world is in the que for the lovers of BMX bicycle Jurassic racing. Download now Dino World Quad Bike Race – Jurassic Adventure and enjoy endless quad bike riding in the offroad dino land.

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Dinosaur Park Sim: Bus Driver


Bus simulator in dinosaur Park takes you on a bus ride that passes through a massive dinosaur park with bus driver games 2017. Drive bus in this amazing big 3D dinosaur park games map through the land of the Jurassic dino world dinosaurs with flying dinosaur games. In 3d dinosaur park drive a big tourist bus and show all the customers the amazing 3D world of the prehistoric wild beasts! You have played many train simulator in dinosaur park but this is pretty new idea of tourist bus driving through to the gigantic dinosaur park. You have to be very careful while driving big commercial bus coach because these super dinosaurs might attack on people of tourist bus. Dinosaur world park with bus twist is different idea than other ordinary dinosaur park games. so get ready to start a joyride at a wildlife amusement park with big Jurassic dino park and take a horrifying experience in DINOSAUR PARK SIM BUS DRIVER! best in bus driver games 2017.

This flying dinosaur simulator you will take a very close look of these deadly beasts in jurassic dinosaur park with your very own commercial bus coach. So with this flying dinosaur games you will amuse to see the huge world of dinosaurs in our brand new jurassic dinosaur parks with tourist bus in bus driver games 2017. Jurassic part dinosaur prehistoric theme based game is ready for you, so forget other bus or train simulator in dinosaur park and try our flying dinosaur games bus simulator with the twist of dinosaur park games.

Features of Tourist Bus to Dinosaur World:

– Discover a huge Jurassic’s ultimate world in big tourist bus.
– 12 detailed levels to explore the jurassic dinosaur park.
– Precision tourist commercial bus driving in flying dinosaur games.
– Paramount of epic dinosaur gameplay with 3d dinosaur park.
– Make and share your snapshots of your jurassic dino park visiting experience.

People are coming on city bus to this huge safari park to see these deadly animal creature and enjoying their wild beauty, so are you ready for driving a commercial coach bus to pick n drop tourists in dinosaur park games with DINOSAUR PARK SIMULATOR BUS DRIVER.

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