Ultimate Angry Crocodile Sim


Have you ever imagined or want to be predator of the swamp? Well with this wild crocodile simulator you can be the blood thirsty crocodile simulator in newest crocodile games 2017. In this ultimate crocodile attack games 2016 you can hunt and snatch up anything on your way. In this ultimate battle of survival and hunger you may swim, crawl, crouch others, prey or brutal attack on town people just like an angry crocodile game attack. As a big wild beast, attack your prey ruthlessly and see the world as an angry crocodile that will attack anything on its way. Attack on town people with your massive jaws to create some chaos before they try to escape. Try this new angry crocodile game simulator with our brand new ‘’ULTIMATE ANGRY CROCODILE SIM’’ the best game of crocodile games 2016 and crocodile games for kids free.


In this crocodile water games with crocodile games 3d you have to control the giant crocodile in water and on land as a hungry crocodile. For your survival and hunger attack on town residents and their animals. But be aware from villagers because they will hunt you with their sharp swords and other shrill weapons in 10 crocodile water games levels. Crocodile games 2016 were never entertaining like this new crocodile games. You are allowed to hunt in town and beach, eat humans and their animals with this crocodile attack game. Lot of war between civilians and a hungry crocodile will make this crocodile simulator a great fun package. So get ready for the wild experience of crocodile games 3d crocodile games for kids free.


– Swamp crocodile attacking with variety of crocodiles to choose.
– 10 angry crocodile missions with awesome 3D graphics.
– Realistic crocodile movement and animations.
– Smooth and Easy alligator attack and controls.

Just imagine the thrill when a wild Crocodile wants to attacks at you!!! Your hunger must be satisfied with your wild and angry crocodile. See the world through the eyes of your wild and angry alligator simulator games 3d. Download ULTIMATE ANGRY CROCODILE SIM and feel the thrill of real crocodile games for free.

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T-rex Dino Robot Rampage 2k17

Love robot fighting games? Dinosaurs are extinct even then you can see them in dinosaur games but the future is of dino robot transforming games. Play and get into futuristic dinosaurs with robot battle! Yes you are in 2050 and playing as dino x ray robot and feat over the deadly X Ray robot enemies, other aliens and civilians in dinosaur robot games. Transform into dino robots trample the city, create chaos and ultimate rampage as futuristic robot or transformer in x ray robot battle game. You will fight against car robot enemies and other moto robots rivals. You can get rid of police car robots by laser gun fire. Win an ultimate combat with robot transforming games. Target, Hit and quickly destroy the strong other transformer robots or x ray robot in this ultimate battle with your futuristic robot in transformer robot games. Transform your dino into futuristic robot and defeat enemies and civilians of the city. You have to hit hard or kick your rivals and throw them away. This dino transformer robot wants destruction, and other transforming robots can shift in to violent robots simultaneously and may attack immediately with their futuristic laser guided guns and weapons in DINO ROBOT RAMPAGE T-REX! Paramount of dinosaur’s robot games.

Game-Play of Dino Robot Transform Game:

With X ray robot control over the city, destroy your enemy in the futuristic robot fight the final battle and unleash the modern steel world war with your transformer robot games. Stop and attack on other evil X Ray robots in city which are targeting you in this x ray robot war with transformer robot games. The robot war rampage battle has just activated in city and you as dino robot transformer survive in this robot war. Superhuman in shape of real steel x ray robots are ready for this war situation with their weapons in robot fighting games. Start this ultimate robot war in futuristic robot transformer way and start battle against alien metallic bodies with transformer robot games. Play as dino robot and use your combat skills to beat and trample the city.

X Ray Futuristic Robot T-Rex Game Features:

– Amazing next generation 3D graphics.
– 25 Realistic Robot war and transformer robot fighting missions.
– Robot battle in Futuristic environments.
– Stunning 3d city environment in dinosaur robot games.
– Realistic robot transformer & x ray fight combat missions.

This x ray transformer dino, futuristic robot fighting and robot transformation games will take you into the robot war zone. Experience intense fighting and war against death machines and destroy metallic body’s aliens. Download DINO ROBOT RAMPAGE T-REX and take a step in next generation x ray dino robot war.

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