Iron Hero City Legend Battle

.Flying Iron Hero Crime Avenger City Battle is best action game. Become a city legend and Fly in the air like a flying superhero and show your extreme best flying and rescue skills. Being a mutant robot iron hero it’s your duty to fight hunt down the criminals, supernatural super power robot villain and aliens. In this flying superhero simulator and flying Hero in crime city for rescue mission has mutant super powers. Well it’s time to stop thinking and enjoy this amazing super natural superhero strange mutant game. Flying Iron Hero Crime Avenger: City Battle is based upon super avenger in final battle against the aliens and mafia. Work as a jetpack iron hero to make city better and do not let criminals to escape in iron hero survival battle.

It’s time to transform into flying survival hero and use your special fire attack to kill aliens and gangster quickly. Take a part in crime city battle as a super hero. Fight & arrest criminals with the help of laser fire power and amazing superpowers. Fly in the air with super fast speed and use your marvelous rescue and survival strategy to protect and save the city people as super flying cop. Take a part and end this crime city war in this flying hero crime battle. Fire and emergency situations broke down in grand city at night and buildings are completely destroyed by flames. Iron Super hero is on a rescue mission to save injured people and fight with city criminals and mutant aliens.

Save and rescue the injured people! Fight with gangsters, criminals and mutant aliens as survival hero. Superhero battle games were never been so thrilling. You have played many superhero fighting games but this iron hero jetpack survival game of 2017 is more adventurous. Life of a super flying hero from one building to another at super-fast speed, rescue civilians and steel robot fighting crime, alien and criminal fighting is a true thriller.

Iron Hero City Avenger Features:

• Use your superpowers like laser fire, fighting as city legend.
• Fly high and rescue people like hero cop in flying super power hero games.
• Challenging fighting & flying rescue simulator missions.
• Classic Jet pack iron hero survival game.
• Amazing flying super hero controls and animations.

Folks! It’s time to play flying rescue survival hero game and perform your survival duty as flying police hero. Download Flying Iron Hero Crime Avenger: City Battle! respond on mayday call as a real mayday superhero flying robot.

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